How much does it cost?

All spaces are charged at [Price] per hour and discounts apply for multiple children and NHS/Military personell.

Do you charge for non-attendance?

We won't charge you if you child is unable to attend due to illness. If you wish to take a sabbatical, we will keep your space for you at a discounted rate. This starts at 20% and increases weekly until your child returns. There is no maximum time we will hold a space for you.

I can see pictures of my children online, can they be viewed by anyone?

All pictures are protected and are only available to registered members of our website who currently have children attending. Website members are reviewed periodically and parents are removed once they leave. You can request your pictures to be taken down or sent to you via email by filling out THIS form.

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Yes. Speak to us about it while registering.